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Bromford Regeneration proposal
Old Bromford Lane public open space consultation
Friends and Family Support Survey
Birmingham Libraries Home Educators and Child Minders Offer
Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Gambling Principles Review
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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

For comments/views in regard to the draft Statement of Gambling Principles.

You Said

Responses will be collated and reviewed and will contribute towards a report for the Licensing and Public Protection Committee to consider.

We Did

The results of this consultation will form part of a report which will be heard and approved by members at a future Licensing and Public Protection Committee.

We Asked

We asked for your comments during the informal consultation on the draft proposal to change the age range of Al-Hijrah School.

You Said

We received 607 responses in total.

Please see the "Results" section of this webpage and the attached analysis of the informal consultation.

We Did

All responses to the informal consultation have been collected and analysed by the School Organisation Team of Birmingahm City Council.

The analysis has been shared with the Interim Executive Board (IEB) and relevant officers of Birmingham City Council. The detailed comments have been sent to the IEB, with any personal information removed (names, contact details etc).

These comments will be considered before making a final proposal for formal consultation.

We Asked

We asked for your comments on the proposal to amalgamate Bournville Infant School and Bournville Junior school to become a sinlge primary school.

You Said

Total written responses received: 8

Further details are in the results section of this consultation and in the decision report.

We Did

The School Organisation Team of Birmingham City Council looked at all of the comments in detail and produced a summary table of responses. Personal data has been removed from the responses (redacted). All redacted comments were sent to the decision makers for their consideration (a copy of redacted comments is availbale via the decision report linked to this consultation).

Determination (decision):

This proposal was approved jointly on 8th August 2018 by: the Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Culture; and, the Acting Corporate Director for Children and Young People.

Birmingham City Council, as the Local Authority, in exercise of the powers conferred on it, has determined to implement the proposal as detailed.

The letter of determination is attached to this consultation webpage.

The decision report is available from the Birmingham City Council website.