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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We asked for your views on the proposals for a residential scheme ar Perry Barr which will form part of the Athletes' Village for the 2022 Commonwealth Games and afterwards provide housing for local people.

You Said

A wide range of comments were received online and at an exhibition held in the local area.

We Did

This was part of the pre-application process - your comments will form part of the statement of community involvement produced to support the planning application wich will be submitted in July.

We Asked

We will do everything practicable to ensure that the service offered by Bereavement Services is satisfactory and meets our service user requirements.  Please tell us your comments/suggestions relating to the service.

You Said

The prices are too high.

The curtains at Lodge Hill Crematorium were not working

A list of hymns should be made available to Undertakers


We Did

The fees for 2017 have not been increased in 2018

The curtains were repaired and fully operational within a few days

Funeral Directors have the list of hymns available at each crematorium. They also have access to an online library of music that is available at the crematoria that operate the digital music system.


222 responses were obtained from the consultation.  There were a lot of positive comments in relation to the service and the overall level of satisfaction was 97% from those who responded to this question.  Any actions arising from this consultation have been put into an action tracker and will be progressed separately.

We Asked

We asked for your comments on the proposal to change the age range of St Benedict's Infant School.

You Said

There were 2 responses with comments received during the statutory consultation period (representation period). A summary analysis of the comments is attached to this consultation page.

We Did

The School Organisation Team fo Birmingham City Council looked at the comments in detail and produced the summary analysis attached to this consultation page. Personal data has been removed from teh responses (redacted). All comments were shared with the decision makers with a copy of the analysis for their consideration.


Determination (decision):

This proposal was approved jointly by the Leader of the Council and the Assistant Director for Children and Young People on 18th April 2018.

The Local Authority, in exercise of the powers confered on it, has determined to implement the proposal as details.

Please see attached the letter of determination and a link to the decision on the Birmingham City Council website.