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We Asked

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We Did

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School Admissions (Fair Access and Attendance)
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We Asked

We asked for your comments on the proposal to remove Boarding Provision from Hunter's Hill College.

You Said

We received a total of 21 responses: 10 in favour, 10 against and 1 that did no indicate.

Most of the responses were from Parents and Staff which mentioned a number of key themes. A summary analysis is appended to the decision report which can be found via the link at the bottom of this page.

We Did

We analysed your responses and removed personal data from your comments (redacted). We then shared the analysis and redacted comments with the decision maker for their consideration in reaching a decision.

We Asked

Do you support the Proposals?

Do you have other thoughts for improving and managing the park in future?

You Said

100% of people supported the Proposals

Park should be better lit, improved accesses; and with more events, and activities, coffee van to draw people in, and make the park feel safer.  Ideas included art pop ups, Chelsea display site, tai chi, part of City centre trail, yoga, CBSO concerts.  

One person wanted to get involved in the Park User Group

There were many comments about the ongoing Anti Social Behaviour, and one comment that the black railings were intimidating.


We Did

Lighting to the park has been improved now already. Some repairs to  colonnade floodlights are ongoing.

The first Park User Group has met and reviewed consultation and proposals; and includes local people keen to help improve the space.

Other Phase 1 improvements will now proceed to delivery to improve attractiveness, access, and safety of the Park. The CCTV scheme is still at feasibility stage.  Use of the Park for other events / displays will be encouraged amongst different Council departments.