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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We Asked for your comments on the draft proposal document for the establishment of a resource base for special educational needs (SEN) provision at Boldmere Infant and Nursery School; and Boldmere Junior School from 1st September 2018.

We asked for comments between 19th September and 17th October 2017.

You Said

We received 21 responses in total which provided comments on various themes for consideration. An analysis of the comments is attached as a document to this webpage.

We Did

Birmingham City Council officers have considered the detailed comments and, where able, have provided corrections, clarifications and additions to the final proposal document which will be published during November 2017 for statutory consultation (representation).

We Asked

We asked for your views on Birmingham City Council's proposal to lowerr the age limit and increase the number of places at Lindsworth School.

You Said

During the statutory consultation(representation) period, we received one response.

The response was from a local resident who was opposed to the proposal.

We Did

We will be forwarding a copy of the response ( with the respondent’s personal details removed) along with a report to the Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Schools and the Interim Corporate Director for Children and Young People, who will consider this when reaching a decision on the proposal.

A decision is required by 12th December 2017.

This web page will be updated with details of the decision when this has been made.

We Asked

The Governing Body of Harborne Primary School asked for your comments on the their proposal to revoke (cancel) their decision to expand the school by addition of an annex onto the site of Lordswood Girls School.

The consultation was open for 4 weeks.

You Said

9 responses were received for this consultation.

Of the responses received: 6 were in favour of revocation, 2 were against and 1 "neither/don't know"

The responses were from local residents and other interested parties. Comments mention a range of themes (a summary of results is attached to this consultation webpage).

We Did

All responses were reviewed and analysed.

Before sharing information about the comments received, the School Organisation Team of Birmingham City Council removed personal data and information (anonymised).

A summary analysis of the consultation results was produced and is published in the attached documents section of this consultation webpage.

The summary of results presents the number and type of responses received. It captures the general themes of the responses and how many times those themes were mentioned.

Anonymised copies of all of the detailed comments were sent to the Governing Body of Harborne Primary School for them to review and consider in reaching their final decision.

Decision update: 4th November 2017:

The Governing Body of Harborne Primary School has approved the revocation of the 2014 expansion.  This means that the expansion onto the site of Lordwood Girl’s School and Sixth Form Centre will not happen.

A full notice from the Governing Body can be found on the school website (see links) and a copy is attached to this consultation webpage.