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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

For your comments on the proposal to expand Moor Hall Primary School by one form of entry with effect from 1st September 2017.

You Said

We received 38 responses via this website, 2 in writing and 1 email.

Of these 41 responses received: 16 were in favour, 24 were against and 1 did not express an preference.

The type of respondents are detailed below; some respondents selected more than one category.

Local resident responses totalled 13

Local resident Other "specified" totalled 1

Other "specified" totalled 3

Parent totalled 15

Parent and local resident totalled 8

Parent and local resident and "other" totalled 1


We Did

We thank all respondents for their comments.

All comments will be submitted along with a report to the decision makers for a decision no later than 1st February 2017.  This is in line with: Department for Education Guidance - Making "prescribed alterations" to maintained schools - Statutory guidance for proposers and decision makers April 2016.

Where contact details are provided, we shall notify all respondents of the result and will also publish it on this website.

We note that some comments may be more pertinent to the planning application, e.g. traffic, parking, noise, privacy, impact on local residents.

Please note that the planning process is a separate consultation carried out and publicised by colleagues in Planning & Regeneration. This will be an opportunity for local residents and stakeholders to submit or resubmit comments to them at that stage.

We Asked

For your comments on the proposal by Birmingham City Council to alter the lower age range of Thornton Primary School from 4 - 11 years to 7 - 11 years which will in time result in the closure of the infant ( key stage 1 KS1) provision.

You Said

No comments or objections were received during the four week representation period.

We Did

We will take a report to the Cabinet Member for Children Families & Schools and the Strategic Director for People for a decision by 1st February 2017. The decision will be posted on this website when it has been made.

We Asked

For your views on the Proposal by the Governing Body of St Peter's CE School to change their status from voluntary controlled to voluntary aided.

You Said

One  comment was received during the representation period and this was in favour of the proposal.

We Did

We will forward the comment received along with a report to the decision makers for a decision on the proposal no later 1st February 2017.

We will publish the decision, when made, on this website.