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We Asked

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You Said

13 responses where received

We Did

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We Asked

It is proposed that the Local Welfare Provision for ‘white goods’ and furniture is reduced. The proposal will leave the crisis element for food and utilities at its current level. The Service has managed the previous reduction by working with voluntary suppliers of ‘white goods’ and furniture to supply goods in the first instance and will continue to signpost to those organisations. White goods from voluntary suppliers are all subject to a charge and some also charge a reduced amount for furniture.

The available fund will reduce from £783k to £479k for 2019/20 and further reduce to £323k for 2020/21.   

You Said

All responses received were collated and fed back as part of the consultation process 

We Did

The Council have decided not to reduce funding for Local welfare Provision and to keep the level of Provision at £783k   

We Asked

We asked for your comments on the proposal by the Interim Executive Board of Al-Hijrah School to change the age range of Al-Hijrah School to become a primary school.

You Said

A total of 1013 responses were received from parents, pupils, school staff and governors and local residents/community. 583 of these responses contained written comments.

A summary of the results and key themes are attached at the bottom of this webpage: Al-Hijrah Statutory Consultation Results Summary.

We Did

The School Organisation Team of Birmingham City Council looked at the comments in detail and produced the consultation results document that is attached at the bottom of this webpage. 

Personal data has been removed from the detailed responses (redacted). All redacted comments and a copy of the results summary will be shared with the decision makers for consideration. Birmingham City Council is the decision maker for this change being proposed by the Interim Executive Board of Al-Hijrah School.

Determination (Decision):
Birmingham City Council, as the Local Authority, in exercise of the powers conferred on it, has determined that the proposal be implemented as detailed.

This proposal was approved for implementation on 31st January 2019 by: The Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Culture; and, the Director for Education and Skills.

The letter of determination is attached to this consultation webpage.

The decision report can be found here: Birmingham CMIS.