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We Asked

What you thought about the signage and advertising on private hire vehicles: are there too many signs on private hire vehicles or not enough; are they too big or too small; do they provide the right information; what do you think about their design and colour?

You Said

Responses were mixed with the majority favouring the existing colour scheme used for BCC signage and in general the current signage used. The exception being that the majority of respondents did not believe semi-permanent door signs to be necessary.

The majority of respondents did however feel that private hire vehicles should display the name and contact details of the company its driver is working for in the form of a magnetic sign. 

In relation to advertising on private hire vehicles responses were more split.  

We Did

The results of this consultation will form part of a report which will be heard and approved by members at a future Licensing and Public Protection Committee before the signage requirements can be amended.

We Asked

We asked for your comments on Birmingham City Council's proposal to establish a resource base for special educational needs at Boldmere Infant and Nursery School and Boldmere Junior School.

You Said

During the statutory consultation (representation) period we received 31 responses.

For further details, please see the consultation results summary in the documents area of this webpage.

We Did

We analysed the comments and created the consultation results summary document. We downloaded or digitised all responses and removed personal or identifying information (redacted).  We have sent all of the redacted responses with a report to the decision makers (Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Schools and the Corporate Director for Children and Young People).  The responses will be considered as part of the decision making process.

We will update this section with further inforamtion once a decision has been made.

We Asked

We Asked for your comments on the draft proposal document for the establishment of a resource base for special educational needs (SEN) provision at Boldmere Infant and Nursery School; and Boldmere Junior School from 1st September 2018.

We asked for comments between 19th September and 17th October 2017.

You Said

We received 21 responses in total which provided comments on various themes for consideration. An analysis of the comments is attached as a document to this webpage.

We Did

Birmingham City Council officers have considered the detailed comments and, where able, have provided corrections, clarifications and additions to the final proposal document which will be published during November 2017 for statutory consultation (representation).