Adults and Communitites: Making it Real Survey


‘Making it Real’ is based on statements developed by people who use services that express what people want to see and experience in adult social care services.
We have been working with people who use our services and carers, to agree 3 'Making it Real' priority work areas; make an action plan listing what we want to do to improve our services and begin the work.
Please help us check how we are getting on by answering the following questions.


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We Asked
For your views on our Making it Real Action Plan about our Adults and Communities Access Service; our Opportunities Fair and adult social care Direct Payments.
You Said
You provided us with comments about your experiences of these things.
We Did
We have shared these comments with the managers responsible for these services and members of our Citizen Quality Boards and will take account of your views when planning improvements in our service delivery.


Key Dates

Status: Closed

Ran from 25 Jun 2013 to 30 Sep 2013

Other Information


All Areas


  • Carers,
  • Older people,
  • Parents/Carers/Guardians,
  • People with Disabilities,
  • People with Learning Disabilities,
  • Voluntary Organisations,
  • Service user groups


  • Citizens Satisfaction,
  • Communications,
  • transition,
  • Care & Support for Adults,
  • Older people issues,
  • Health & Wellbeing