Ward Committees


There are 40 Ward Committees across the city that are held regularly for Councillors to meet with local residents. 

Why We Are Consulting

Birmingham City Council's District and Public Engagement Overview and Scrutiny Committee is undertaking a short Inquiry looking at how Ward Committees operate across the city. The Committee is interested in your views as to whether they meet local needs or why local residents do not attend and would like you to fill in this short survey.

What Happens Next

A report of the findings from the Committee's meeting and survey will be incorporated into a report presented by the Chair to a full City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday 2 December 2014.


Are Ward Committee's Fit for Purpose report that was agreed by City Council is attached.



We Asked
Your thoughts on Ward Committees and whether they could be improved.
You Said
We had mixed responses. However, many felt that the ward committees could be better advertised.
We Did
The Committee presented a report to City Council which was agreed.


Amanda (Research and Policy Officer) 0121 675 8444

Key Dates

Status: Closed

Ran from 18 Jul 2014 to 4 Oct 2014

Districts and Public Engagement Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Tue 2 Sep 2014

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