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Adults and Communities (formerly Social Services) supports adults in Birmingham who need help to live as independantly as possible and to be part of their local community. 

We meet substantial and critical needs for people who need help with dressing, toileting, eating, getting washed and getting in and out of bed.

Our range of serives includes:

  • Advice and guidance about services avaliable such as leisure, transport, health and education.
  • advice and equiptment to help keep people safe and prevent or delay them needing long term care for example, preventing a fall
  • assessing people's social care needs, and the needs of their carers
  • support to help epople regain their independance and live as independantly as possible in their own home, for example when  they are recovering from surgery or an accident
  • providing people who are eligible for our services with an Individual Budget to pay for longer term care

We have known for a number of years that the traditional approach to adult social care was flawed and contained unaffordable pressures.

We are already changing and now have in place the things that the government wants  - preventing, delaying or reducing people's need for care and support through access to support services.  We have consulted with service users on detailed proposals before and they have they have told us what is important to them.  We have given our commitment to continue to:

  • Always meet assessed unmet eligible needs
  • Increase or decrease, as neccessary, individual budgets to unmet eligible needs can be provided for, and
  • Meet needs as detailed in support plans until they are changed either by re-assessment or review

An update to the first paper was published in October and is available below.

This followed a further review which focussed on learning disability services, the emerging older adults' integration programme and prevention activities that could release more money.

The current phase of engagement on the Green Papers concludes on 15th November so that it can be fed into the preparation of budget proposals. 

However, the Adults & Communities Directorate will continue to receive feedback through the autumn, and we will be formally consulting on the budget proposals for 2014/15 from December.

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A summary of comments received on Adults Social Care is on page 1 of the Summary of Dialogue attached below with more detail on page 13.

These were fed into a White Paper ‘Planning Birmingham’s Future and Budget Consultation 2014-15’ and the budget setting process for 2014/15.

The White Paper outlined plans for the future of the city council, showing how we can continue to work towards our objectives with far less money.



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