Service Reviews - Developing a Successful and Inclusive Economy


Please note this is part of an ongoing dialogue to inform the service review process and is not a consultation.

This review covered services responsible for:

  • Ensuring that new developments are taking place in Birmingham and regeneration is benefitting priority areas
  • Securing investment to support business growth, by bringing in grants that can be accessed by Birmingham businesses 
  • Connecting people to job opportunities, and targeting opportunities towards vulnerable groups and groups with greatest need
  • Attracting new jobs, investment and businesses to Birmingham
  • Regenerating housing and providing new homes for Birmingham
  • Maintaining and managing Birmingham’s roads
  • Providing support for tourism and the visitor economy in partnership with the private sector
  • Setting and delivering the transport vision for Birmingham
  • Providing support and advice to Birmingham’s businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Managing the planning process across Birmingham
  • Supporting both local centres and Birmingham City Centre
  • Supporting the arts and cultural sector in Birmingham.
  • Attracting events to the city.


In considering a way forward the review has concluded that:

  • Continuing to support the economy is the right thing to do, even if we don’t have to do it
  • There is more we can, and must, do to promote further economic inclusion
  • To continue to develop a successful and inclusive economy in the current climate, however, is going to be a difficult task and will require some considerable innovation.

We are seeking your views on these and the steps suggested in the Service Review Green Paper: Developing a Successful and Inclusive Economy, attached below.

What Happens Next

Comments and suggestions received will be shared with the group leading the review and will be taken into account by the council’s leadership when the proposals are put together for the 2014/15 budget in December.

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A summary of comments received on Developing a Successful and Inclusive Economy is on page 6 of the Summary of Dialogue attached below, with more detail on page 38.

These were fed into a White Paper ‘Planning Birmingham’s Future and Budget Consultation 2014-15’ and the budget setting process for 2014/15.

The White Paper outlined plans for the future of the city council, showing how we can continue to work towards our objectives with far less money.



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Key Dates

Consultation is Closed

Ran from 18 Sep 2013 to 15 Nov 2013

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