Service Reviews - A Well Managed and Resilient City


Please note this is part of an ongoing dialogue to inform the service review process and is not a consultation.

This Service Review covers services which support the proper regulation of commercial and social life in the city.

The council faces hugs cuts in its grants from the government and increases in demand. We have already made significant savings in the last two years but we still need save a further £450m by 2017/18 in addition to over £100m savings in the current financial year.

Services included in this Review are: 

  • Bereavement Services
  • Mortuary/ Coroner’s Office
  • On Street Parking and Enforcement
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Licensing
  • Traffic Management and Regulation
  • Trading Standards
  • Environmental Health
  • Birmingham City Laboratory (BCL)
  • Emergency Planning (incl. Control Centre/ CCTV)
  • Planning Administration and Management and Local Land Charges.


The Review recommends that most of these services become self-financing within three years or sooner where possible (some services are essential but have limited or no scope for generating income, such as Emergency Planning).

To meet the level of savings that are required the following options are being explored. We are seeking your views on these

  1. Increase the charges we make for services. 
  2. Consider new ways to generate income 
  3. Ask central government to reconsider fixed fees and new work they ask us to do without new funding
  4. Review locations from which services are provided
  5. Make our services as efficient as possible.


More information can be found in the Service Review Green Paper: A Well Managed and Resilient City, attached below.

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Comments received on A Well Managed and Resilient City are on page 4 of the Summary of Dialogue attached below.

These were fed into a White Paper ‘Planning Birmingham’s Future and Budget Consultation 2014-15’ and the budget setting process for 2014/15.

The White Paper outlined plans for the future of the city council, showing how we can continue to work towards our objectives with far less money.



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