Service Reviews - Safe Clean and Green Neighbourhoods


Please note this is part of an ongoing dialogue to inform the service review process and is not a consultation.

Safe, Clean and Green Neighbourhoods covered a range of services and functions aimed at improving the living environment and making Birmingham safer and environmentally sustainable. This includes:

  • Waste management, refuse collection, and recycling
  • Street cleansing
  • Pest control
  • Community safety
  • Public rights of way
  • District engineers
  • Climate change
  • Drainage and flood risk management

More information is contained within the Safe Clean and Green - Green Paper attached below and also available at

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A summary of comments received on Safe Clean and Green Neighbourhoods is on page 6 of the Summary of Dialogue attached below, with more detail on page 40.

These were fed into a White Paper ‘Planning Birmingham’s Future and Budget Consultation 2014-15’ and the budget setting process for 2014/15.

The White Paper outlined plans for the future of the city council, showing how we can continue to work towards our objectives with far less money.



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Ran from 16 Oct 2013 to 15 Nov 2013

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