Child Conference Meetings: Parent Feedback (new Aug.21)

Closes 17 Oct 2022

Opened 19 Oct 2021


Please answer this short survey of 10 questions to tell us about your experience of your conference meeting. It should only take around 10 minutes and gives us really valuable feedback to hear your voice in understanding what works well for you and how we can improve.

It is completely confidential, however if we see a response where we think we could further support you or learn more about improving our service, we may want to contact you to explore a bit further. Someone from the Practice Hub will get in touch and ask whether you are happy to share this detail with the service, but if not it will stay confidential with the researcher looking at your responses. If you would be happy for someone to get in touch, please provide your name, phone number and email when asked towards the end of the survey. To make sure we are following GDPR, these details will be stored separately from your responses, and only checked if we like to get in touch.

 At the end you are given the option to enter your email address to get a copy of your responses, but if you don't want a copy you can leave this blank and press submit. 

Please be as honest as possible.  Thank you for your feedback!

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