RPC Train The Trainer Training Survey

Closed 18 Mar 2022

Opened 9 Mar 2022


We have contacted you because you previously signed up for the Reducing Parental Conflict Train the trainer on dates 10th 11th 12th 13th November 2020. We are keen to explore your views on this training or reasons why you did not complete it

We are currently working with the Early Intervention Foundation to collate information to help us reflect on the learning that has taken place and we would really value your feedback. Please can you complete this quick survey – see the link below.

We are really keen to know your feedback regarding the training and the tools that you received, find out more about since you attended this training if you have been able to deliver this training, or how the training has helped you eg to support others the learning or tools that you received.

We acknowledge that it has been a while since you signed up/ completed this training however your experience and views of this training will help us to plan future learning opportunities. So please do not ignore this email

This training consisted of four modules that you could complete. The modules are:

Module 1 - Understanding the parental conflict evidence-base

Module 2 - Identify and discuss parental conflict with parents

Module 3 - Working with parents in conflict

Module 4 - The role of Supervisors and managers in managing people to address parental conflict

Your responses will be anonymised and not attributed to individuals. The intention of this piece of work is to evaulate practice. 

Thank you for completing this survey. 



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