20mph is Plenty


Birmingham City Council is considering the introduction of 20mph speed limits on
the city’s roads to improve safety and reduce the number of accidents.
These plans will affect anyone who lives, works, shops, visits or travels in the city,
so your views are important to us and will help us with our decision-making.

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The Cabinet report was approved on March 17th. Detailed consultation will start in the pilot area in late May. Subject to approvals, Full Business Cases will be developed for approval later in 2014. Implementation would follow with the majority of the work being completed by March 2015 in line with available funding from the Cycle City Action Grant. Implementation of the pilot would be fully completed in 2015-16. A report on the impact of the pilot scheme, together with outline proposals for further roll-out as relevant, would be developed in 2016-17.



We Asked
Do you support the introduction of 20mph speed limits on Birmingham's roads, and do you think that this will make the roads safer?
You Said
39% were in favour of the proposal, whilst 58% of respondents were against the proposal. 40% of respondents agreed that this would make the roads safer, whilst 53% disagreed.
We Did
A pilot area has been chosen, which includes wards where a) road traffic collisions on minor roads are highest, b) there is high Councillor support for 20 mph speed limits on residential roads, or c) there is high public support for 20 mph speed limits on residential roads.


Key Dates

Status: Closed

Ran from 21 Oct 2013 to 29 Nov 2013

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