A41 Soho Road Draft Framework

Closed 3 Mar 2014

Opened 6 Jan 2014

Feedback Updated 2 Jun 2015

We Asked

Public consultation on the Draft A41 Framework was undertaken from 6th January – 3rd March 2014. Letters and leaflets were sent to every address point within the framework boundary. An exhibition and drop-in sessions were held at Handsworth Library on Soho Road. The consultation material advised how comments on the Draft Framework could be made. This included email, post, telephone and online via Be Heard. All affected Ward Committees were consulted. The Soho Road BID was consulted. Statutory consultees such as Centro, Environment Agency, English Heritage, Natural England and other stakeholders were consulted. The consultation exercise asked if people agreed or not with the purpose and objectives of the Draft Framework and the Development Principles set out in the document. It also asked if people agreed or not with the site specific proposals for each opportunity site. Finally we asked if people had any other comments on the document.

You Said

Approximately 50 responses were received. The Draft Framework received a generally positive response with detailed comments relating to specific issues around the role of the local centre, connectivity, car parking, heritage and design and deliverability of the proposals. A number of comments were made which were not planning related or which the local planning authority has no control over. The majority of respondents agreed with the purpose of objectives of the Draft Framework, along with the development principles guiding development and regeneration. The majority also agreed with the site specific proposals (where they familiar with the site). The most common comment is that area is in need on investment and improvement and that the centre needs a greater range and choice of uses.

We Did

The Framework has been amended to take on board detailed comments relating to heritage and design from English Heritage, and comments relating to connectivity, making reference to the City’s Birmingham Connected document. The Draft Framework already emphasises the need for a range and variety of uses in the centre and identifies opportunities to expand upon the local centre offer. In terms of parking, a TRO to introduce parking meters in the core of the centre is being considered separately. The Framework recognises that delivery of the proposals is a long-term process and partnership working with the BID and public and private sector interests will be required. The final framework was approved by the Cabinet Member for Development, Transport and the Economy, as informal planning guidance on 10 February 2015.


The A41 Soho Road corridor is an important transport route connecting north west Birmingham to the City Centre. It contains Soho Road District Local Centre, the core employment areas of Middlemore and Park Road/ Gib Heath and Hockley Circus.


The Draft A41 Framework provide guidance on development and regeneration in the A41 (Soho Road) corridor develops proposals for growth and expansion of the centre, as well as measures to enhance its public realm and support a healthy business environment. Development guidance is provided on the key opportunities identified in the framework, which aims to promote development of high quality and good design.


The framework also identifies opportunities to improve linkages to public transport and provide safer routes for pedestrians and cyclists along and across the A41. The area has a wealth of cultural, historical and economic assets including the Lozells and Soho Hill Conservation Area and Middlemore and Park Road/Gib Heath employment areas, which the framework seeks to promote, enhance and protect.


The overall aim of the framework is the creation of sustainable and mixed communities and high quality places that provide the right range of uses to support the local community and wider area.


The Council is committed to working with local residents, businesses and community groups to achieve the goals set out in this framework and is now seeking your comments on this draft document.


You can view the documents by clicking on the links below or by visiting one of the venues listed below:


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  • Handsworth Library, Soho Road


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