Wider Botanical Gardens Area Framework

Closed 4 Apr 2014

Opened 19 Feb 2014

Feedback Updated 8 Jun 2015

We Asked

The consultation exercise was held between February and April 2014, to seek views on a draft copy of the Wider Botanical Gardens Area Framework. It was publicised on the Council’s website and by direct mail to residents within and in in close proximity to the Framework area. A total of 19 responses were received, 14 of which were made via Be Heard.

You Said

The main issues arising from the consultations were: • Road capacity, safety access and parking • Safe cycling and pedestrian routes • Concern about the impact of new indoor sports facilities • Concern about the impact of proposals on the Conservation Area • Impact on open space and wildlife • Flood risk • Concerns regarding private land matters • Support from Sport England and Calthorpe Estates • General support for the principles of the Framework

We Did

The Framework was amended to reflect the outcomes of consultation. New sections were added to address concerns about traffic, parking, cycling and pedestrian movement, design considerations and the impact of detailed development proposals. Some private matters were the subject of further discussion between interested parties. There was further correspondence between several objectors and the Cabinet Member for Development, Transport and the Economy, and the Framework was adopted in February 2015.

Results Updated 20 May 2014

Consultations on the Draft Framework were held between 17th February and 4th April 2014.  All comments made will now be considered, and the Framework amended where necessary prior to adoption. 

The final copy of the Framework will be available here when it has been completed.


The area bounded by Westbourne Road, Richmond Hill Road, Farquhar Road and the cross-city railway line (referred to as the “Wider Botanical Gardens Area”), is a unique area of Birmingham. The importance of both the historic and green environment is reflected in that the whole of the area falls within Edgbaston Conservation Area.

Maintaining what is special about the area and tackling some of the current problems requires on-going investment. Meeting the demands of the 21st century and management of the area’s future lies in the hands of each of the main occupiers

To move forward requires a shared vision, an agreed set of priorities and action and collective effort.

The City Council considers a Framework document to be an appropriate way to identify:

  • What is special about the area,
  • What needs to be protected and enhanced,
  • Issues and problems that detract from the area,
  • How to address those issues,
  • A  vision for the area,
  • A set of opportunities and actions to encourage ongoing investment and maintenance,
  • A proposed way forward.

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This draft Framework has been prepared with the involvement of the area’s main occupiers. 

The Framework is non statutory and has no formal planning status, but it is hoped all parties will commit to it, endorse its content and use it as a means of guiding and encouraging ongoing investment.

A period of consultation is now being held, and comments on the draft Framework are invited.  It will then be updated if necessary, agreed as a unified package of proposals and endorsed by the City Council, Calthorpe Estates and each user group.




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  • Public Sector Bodies
  • Businesses
  • Community groups


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