Annual Compliance Return (ACR Final Extension)

Closed 25 Mar 2022

Opened 3 May 2021


Birmingham City Council as a Local Authority strives for excellence in health and safety management and performance and aims to work in partnership with a number of other key stakeholders and contractors to ensure this is met. BCC adopts the principles of sensible risk management which applies a reasonable and proportionate approach to health and safety monitoring and compliance of regulatory and corporate standards.

As the employer, Birmingham City Council has overall responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of staff, members of the public and pupils within facilities it has responsibility. In order to comply with this legislative requirement, BCC must provide suitable oversight and monitoring to ensure the effective management process of property assets, a number of facilities management risk assessments and associated control measures


Why your views matter

Throughout BCC's estate local management of safety compliance processes are the responsibility of the Responsible Person or Local Responsible Person, as you have responsibility for a property or properties owned by Birmingham County Council. Therefore as outlined above please may you complete the Annual Compliance Return, which has been created to ensure that the Responsible Person understands any duties for which they may be responsible for in their role and can demonstrate that these have been undertaken. During completion of the return it would be beneficial to include individuals who have delegated responsibility of safety management processes. There are a number of benefits of completing the return as it can be used as a tracker of your current onsite safety compliance. There are several resources and support workshops below if you had further questions relating to your return.  

What happens next

Your entry will be sent through to the Responsible Person Team to log and analyse. You may be asked to provide further evidence or selected for an internal verification audit in relation to site safety compliace. 

Finally thank you for completing your annual compliance return.


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