Bartley Green Library Consultation

Closed 13 Apr 2022

Opened 19 Jan 2022


Bartley Green Library is held on charitable trust by Birmingham City Council and the trust deed restricts the use of the building to a library only. The Council wants to see library services continue but there is scope within the building for other community activities to take place too. Birmingham City Council is considering the options open to it, which means that the purposes of the trust willneed to be widened. The Council acting as trustee would like to expand the use of the library so that it becomes a community hub and a library.

Why your views matter

It is important to the Council that the views of the community who have an interest in or are likely to be affected by the proposals have a say in the future use of the library building. We want to ensure that what we do is of benefit to the public.




  • Local Residents
  • Community groups
  • Voluntary Organisations


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