Birmingham City Council - Budget Consultation 2017+

Closed 18 Jan 2017

Opened 8 Dec 2016

Feedback updated 1 Aug 2017

We asked

The consultation was an overarching consultation on resource allocation to be supplemented with more detailed consultations with users around specific proposals.

The consultation asked for the services that were most important to the respondents, to the extent with which they agreed/ disagreed with the five themes and the proposals within those, whether they agreed with further opportunities for communities to be involved more in delivering some of our services, the level of Council Tax and the social care precept and finally suggestions on how the council can save money.

You said

The online budget consultation survey asked whether respondents agreed or disagreed with the key themes.

•           Cross cutting area – more people agreed than disagreed online but this was reversed with the paper submissions.

•           Jobs and skills more people agreed with the proposals than disagreed online but  this was reversed with the paper submission.

•           Homes - narrowly more people disagreed than agreed.

•           Health – slightly more feeling with more people disagreeing than agreeing.

•           Children more disagreed than agreed

We did

Views from the budget consultation were made available to the council decision makers to  ensure they were fully informed of any relevant concerns prior to the drafting of the budget.  A summary of the feedback from consultation can be found on the council’s website.


Birmingham City Council’s vision for the future is for a city of growth in which every child, citizen and place matters. And, in planning our budget for 2017–18, every view matters.

We need to make big savings as well as big plans because of the unprecedented financial challenges we face. So we want to know if we’re making the right choices for you and your family.

The council faces reductions in government grant, an increase in costs and increased demand for services especially for adult social care and care for our children.  

Our budget consultation paper sets out the proposals we have come up with to meet this challenge (the paper can be found in the 'related documents' section below.

This online survey includes questions about:

•           Which services are important to you.

•           Your views on next year’s rate of Council Tax.

You can choose whether to comment on all questions, or just those you select.

Specific groups of service users will also be consulted where appropriate.


Other formats:

If you would like a shorter version of the budget consultation document, this can be found in the 'related documents' section below.

If you would like a copy of the Budget Consultation document in another format, please email:

If you’re not able to fill in the survey online, you can:

1. Use the print version of the survey, found in the related documents section below. Details of where to return this to are included at the end of the survey.

2. Let us know what you think by email or post.


Why your views matter

Consultation is being carried out to ensure the council's decision-makers are fully informed of relevant concerns before any final decisions are made.




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