Bellefield Road public open space consultation

Closed 31 Dec 2018

Opened 14 Nov 2018


Dear resident,

Birmingham City Council wants to receive the views of local residents regarding a proposal for housing development on the Bellefield Road public open space. 

We want to build a new high quality housing development on the site that will contribute greatly to the growing housing need for the area and improve the public open space by providing new facilities.


Why We Are Consulting

Local Ward members have advised us that local residents are very concerned that the land is being used for criminal and anti-social behaviour for a number of years now and also problems with rubbish dumping on some parts of the site.

We will look to create a housing development which fits in sympathetically to the locality, and provides a range of houses to cater for small and larger families.  The new housing development would be a mix of 2, 3, and 4 bedroom houses and possibly bungalows that would be a mix of houses for affordable rent and houses for outright sale.

Another benefit of this approach is that the development will provide opportunities for training, work placements, and apprenticeships as we have done on all of our Council built schemes.

What Happens Next

This is the first stage of the consultation process.  Any development proposal would be subject to planning approval which would include a period of formal public consultation. This is not expected to happen for at least a couple of years. 


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