Birmingham Business Survey: Improving Air Quality - Planning for Freight and Logistics

Closed 30 Nov 2017

Opened 6 Sep 2017


The Government’s ‘UK plan for reducing roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations’ identifies that Birmingham will be required to introduce measures to address air quality. One of the measures we have been asked to consider by the Government is introducing a Clean Air Zone before 2020.

In response Birmingham City Council is currently undertaking a feasibility study to help us to understand the best ways to address air quality, including how a Clean Air Zone might work and what other measures might be required. We are looking into how we can support local businesses to meet future clean air requirements with the aim of improving public health.

The feasibility study will help provide the evidence around the most appropriate measures which could be introduced to improve air quality in the shortest possible time. At this stage the Council has not made a decision on which measures might be appropriate, including implementing a Clean Air Zone.


Why We Are Consulting

In order for us to understand how a Clear Air Zone may work, we need to understand how Birmingham businesses currently operate, how logistics (deliveries/ collections) affect/ contribute to your business, and whether there is an opportunity for your business to contribute to reducing pollution levels within the city, and benefit from sustainable business operations.  

We therefore invite your business to undertake the following survey to provide us with a greater understanding and appreciation of your business in Birmingham. 

The information from this survey will help us to understand the potential impacts of a Clean Air Zone - in terms of the level of air quality improvement that might be achievable.  We also want to develop an understanding of how it could affect business, both positively or negatively and help us to appreciate what sort of additional support might be required.

Thank you for taking part. 




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