Clean Air Zone for Birmingham (consultation for individual citizens)

Closed 17 Aug 2018

Opened 4 Jul 2018


Birmingham is on a journey to cleaner air.

Pollution in the air, mainly caused by vehicles on the roads, is having a harmful effect on the health of people living, working and studying in the city.

Summary of proposals

We are proposing a Clean Air Zone (CAZ), where the most polluting vehicles will have to pay to enter the city centre: all the roads within the A4540 Middleway ring road (but not the Middleway itself).

Charges would apply to most vehicles whose engine does not meet specific pollution standards: including buses and coaches, lorries, vans, cars and taxis and specialist vehicles like bin lorries. Vehicles with a clean enough engine (Euro 4 for petrol, Euro 6 for diesel) would not be charged.

You can check your vehicle's likely Euro class at (website provided by Automotive Data Guru). If this website is unavailable, the engine standards for Birmingham's Clean Air Zone would be the same as London's ULEZ, so you can check your vehicle on TfL's website.

We are also suggesting other ways to reduce the air pollution caused by motor vehicles, including improving public transport, upgrading engines and building more low emission refuelling stations (e.g. electric charging points), making changes to roads and reviewing charges for parking.

Before responding to this consultation, you should read the summary document:

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This document and other supporting materials can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

What will happen to your responses?

Your responses will be used solely for this consultation and will be kept confidential. Any comments used will be kept anonymous and individuals will not be identified.

Your personal data will be held by Birmingham City Council as the data controller and by Tonic Consultants Ltd, Pell Frischmann Consultants Ltd and Turner & Townsend Project Management Ltd as data processors. Personal data will not be shared with any other organisation. This survey is being conducted in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and if you would like to know more about our Data Protection Policy please visit

By filling out the survey you are giving permission for Birmingham City Council to use the data for the purposes outlined above.



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