City Centre Secure Motorcycle Parking Trial

Closed 17 Aug 2018

Opened 1 Aug 2018


Within the City Centre, there are specially designated parking bays for motorcycles. However, they do not provide a method to securely lock the motorcycles in place. Stolen motorcycles have been reported to be misused by the thieves, using the bikes to race in neighbourhoods and disturbing the residents or selling the motorbikes for other illegal activities. This has raised high concerns of theft. Birmingham City Council has funding to provide fittings within existing Motorcycle Parking bays at four locations.

There will be two types of fittings; ground anchors and frames.

Ground anchors are fixtures that can be fitted on the ground and are used for motorcyclists to chain their motorcycles with and lock them. They have a round texture and stand a bit high from the ground, with a steel shackle on top with which the chains are to be attached. The shackles lay when not in use.

Frames are thick, stainless steel tubes bent into the shape of a square arch, fitted onto the ground.

Ground anchors will be fixed on Temple Row West and Margaret Street whilst frames will be fitted in Steelhouse Lane. A mixture of both will be fixed in Waterloo Street.

The trial will be undertaken over 6 months and monitoring will be carried out during this period to assess the benefits. If the trial works, we may make it permanent.

Location Plan

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