Highgate Parking: Traffic Regulation Order

Closed 14 Jun 2021

Opened 24 May 2021

Feedback updated 12 Aug 2021

We asked

For feedback on the Traffic Regulation Order for the Highgate Controlled Parking Zone.

You said

24 responses were received.

We did

Having received your responses, we are now collating and reviewing all comments that were received whilst the consultation was open; we will update this webpage soon with the results.

An additional TRO consultation relating to this scheme is open between 12 August and 2 September 2021:



Pollution in the air, mainly caused by vehicles on the roads, is having a harmful effect on the health of people living, working and studying in the city.

Birmingham is taking action by introducing a Clean Air Zone (CAZ), on 1 June 2021, which will include all roads within the A4540 Middleway Ring Road (but not the Middleway itself). This will mean that drivers of the most polluting vehicles will have to pay a daily charge to travel through the area covered by the zone.

As part of the Clean Air Zone, a number of additional transport schemes will be introduced with the aim of reducing congestion and improving air quality.

One of these additional schemes is to introduce parking controls on all streets within the CAZ and prevent anyone parking all day for free. This should further discourage people from driving into the CAZ and should make it easier for residents in the zone who have vehicles to park near to their homes.

In September 2019, Birmingham City Council carried out a consultation with residents/businesses in the Highgate area regarding the proposed controlled parking measures. This consultation is on the legal orders required to make changes to the road.

About this consultation

This consultation is the formal advertisement of the Traffic Regulation Orders, the legal documentation needed to make changes to the status of the highway (road).

During this consultation, you can make comments on the proposals or submit a formal objection (which must include the grounds for the objection). You can either make your response via this webpage (please provide your contact details as part of your response) or can post a written objection to Assistant Director - Transport & Connectivity, Inclusive Growth Directorate, 1 Lancaster Circus Queensway, PO Box 14439, Birmingham B2 2JE.

All responses must be received by 14 June 2021.

If you have chosen to object to the proposed orders, you may be contacted by a project officer to further discuss your objection.

If you have any questions about this consultation or need help understanding the plans, please contact transport.projects@birmingham.gov.uk.

What is included in this consultation?

A Traffic Regulation Order, or TRO is the legal documentation required to make changes to the status of the highway (road). A TRO is often accompanied by a plan (map) showing the proposed measures visually.

For this scheme, we have also included a consultation plan (map), which has no legal status, but which you may find clearer to see the proposed changes.

View Highgate Traffic Regulation Order (including TRO plans)

View Highgate overview plan (not part of the TRO, for information)

View Highgate consultation plan (not part of the TRO, for information)

What is proposed?

On streets where people live, we are proposing a resident permit scheme operating Monday-Saturday between 8am and 6pm, excluding Christmas day. During these times only vehicles displaying a Highgate resident parking permit (or resident’s visitor permit) would be allowed to park there. Only local residents will be able to apply for permits. The cost of each Highgate resident permit will be paid for by the council (using CAZ income) for the first two years, after which residents will have to purchase permits at a cost of £19 per year, and £38 per year for additional permits per property.

On other streets in the area where is it safe to park, pay by phone bays would be introduced, the restrictions would apply Monday-Saturday between 8am and 6pm, excluding Christmas day and bank holidays. Business permits would be available to allow local workers to park in these pay by phone bays, at a cost of £142 per year.

Everywhere else would have no waiting (yellow line) restrictions.

Overnight, both resident parking spaces and pay by phone spaces would be freely available for anyone to use without cost.

Next steps

Following consultation feedback, it is possible that the scheme details could change which may affect you. It is not always viable to consult of any future changes arising from this consultation. However, any changes made to the proposals will be posted on this webpage. If you would specifically like to be kept advised of any changes, please indicate this in your response and make sure you provide your email address on the first page of the questionnaire.


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