Parking in Bournbrook and Selly Park (Area 1A)

Closed 26 May 2019

Opened 29 Apr 2019


Currently we are analysing all the feedback we have received and the discussions with the Cabinet Member will take place. Once the Full Business Case is presented to the Cabinet Member for consideration he will have the full picture of the requirements for all thirteen areas that we are looking at as a part of this project. We will send further communications out once this has happened.


Recent expansions at the University of Birmingham and facilities on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital site mean that more people are now travelling to this area. Together with new homes and an increase in car ownership, there are now significant pressures on parking in local streets.  This can have a negative impact on access for deliveries, buses and waste vehicles, and on the safety of all road users. Many properties do not have private off-street parking, and so there are increasing demands on the limited supply of public on-street parking spaces.  We are therefore proposing measures that prioritise parking provision for local residents in local streets, and improve access and safety of local roads.

Why We Are Consulting

We are working with the University and hospitals to encourage as many people as possible to make their trips by public transport, cycling and walking. Where this is not possible, we want to make sure that visiting cars are parked in appropriate places, with local residents having priority for the kerb space near their homes.

This is one location where we think we can improve on-street parking for residents and welcome feedback from people within this area.

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Map of proposed area


In area 1A, we are proposing permit holder only parking bays.

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This proposal will give on-street parking space back to the residents.
It will formalise parking spaces and improve visibility around junctions.
Some business parking can be made available at localised areas.
A day time restriction is proposed along one side of Dawlish Road to open the road up for a proposed bus route.

Download frequently asked questions about residents' parking.

What happens next?



  • Bournbrook & Selly Park


  • All residents


  • Transport (Including Walking)