Tackling Inequalities - Everyone's Battle Everyone's Business

Closed 14 Dec 2020

Opened 6 Oct 2020


Events over recent months – including the unprecedented socio-economic crisis created by Covid-19 – have shown the extent to which inequalities and discrimination impact our city and society.  A light has been shone on institutions and organisations which discriminate against or limit opportunities for too many of our citizens because of their race, disability, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or class – or a combination of these characteristics.

We have a duty to respond to these challenges by accelerating our efforts, putting equality and inclusion at the very centre of all our work as a council and collaborating with our communities and our partners to ensure that the whole city is championing these values.

We have set out our proposals in our statement of intent to tackle inequality in Birmingham – so every citizen can aspire. And we want your views.

Why your views matter

As a Council we are renewing our approach to drive out inequalities in three key areas where the Council is best placed to influence major change, both in its role as a major employer and as the democratically accountable, civic leadership body for the whole city.  But we are clear that if we want real change, tackling inequality must be everyone’s business.  That is why we want to work with everyone in Birmingham to ensure we get this right and deliver the fundamental change that people in our city need.

We want to listen to the views of our staff, communities and a wide range of stakeholders, from grass root community organisations, faith-based organisations, practitioners and public sector policy makers on how we can work collectively to deliver meaningful change.  


What happens next

Thank you for giving us your views. These are really important to us because they will help shape us develop are actions to tackle inequality.

We will publish our Equality and Cohesion Action Plan in early 2020.


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