The Big Creative Birmingham Conversation Survey

Closed 31 Jul 2022

Opened 1 Jun 2022


The Big Creative Birmingham Conversation is one of several strands that are building to inform the co-development of a new umbrella Creative Birmingham Strategy. Alongside the Conversation month there is work led by UoB to do an academic summary of the history of civic art in the city, consolidation of the learning through the 2022 Festival, refreshed mapping of the city assets building on the West Midlands Cultural Research Report, mapping analysis of comparator global city culture strategies and an external peer review to scope potential ambition.

The conversations are to inform the development of a new statement of intent for creativity in Birmingham that will set out the vision and ambition for the city as it starts work on a new creative strategy for the next decade. We aim to publish by the end of August 2022 a clear statement of intent that sets out a co-produced vision for Creativity, Arts and Culture for Birmingham for the next decade and this will launch the strategy development programme.

We want to hear from you about your thoughts on Creativity, Arts and Culture in Birmingham. This survey will help us to understand more about Creativity,  Arts and Culture in Birmingham as a city and will help us to get started on shaping our creative future.

When we talk about Creativity, Arts and Culture in Birmingham we are thinking about how Arts and Culture influence Birmingham as a creative city and how we will be able to transform the future of Birmingham as a Creative City.  

Whether you're an individual, family, student, retired or newly arrived in the city, your opinion counts, and we are keen to hear from people of all ages and in every community in Birmingham 

The survey will ask you about your background, your thoughts on the importance of Arts and Culture in your Life, the council’s role in supporting Arts and Culture, Access to Arts and Culture and the vision for the future of Birmingham as a creative city. 

The data collected through the survey is anonymous, so you cannot be identified from what you have said. 

We plan to publish the findings from the survey at a population level, for example, we will add up all the answers and report the summary results not by individuals, and where we use quotes from the answers, they will be anonymous. 

Why your views matter

Your views are valued and will contribute towards forming the statement of intent for Birmingham as a creative city.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Arts & Culture