Birmingham Homelessness Prevention Strategy 2017+

Closed 5 Oct 2017

Opened 24 Aug 2017


We are asking the citizens of Birmingham, including those with lived experience of being homeless, key partner agencies and current providers of homelessness prevention services, to let us know your views on our approach to tackling and preventing homelessness.

Why We Are Consulting

Homelessness can be caused by a number of different life experiences.  These include: a breakdown in relationships with families, a significant change in someone’s individual circumstances or something else completely out of the person’s control.  Unless these factors are addressed, the ability of an individual or family to deal with the situation and improve their chance of a positive future is greatly reduced.  This also places them at risk of becoming trapped in a cycle of homelessness.

Birmingham strives to be a city where everyone works together to end homelessness.  Birmingham City Council and our strategic partners from the Housing Birmingham Partnership and across Health, Housing, the Voluntary and Third Sectors would welcome your views about how we can best achieve this vision together as part of the consultation we are currently holding to develop the Homelessness Prevention Strategy.

The supporting documents below provide more information about this consultation.



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