Customer Service Strategy Engagement Questionnaire

Closed 27 Sep 2021

Opened 7 Sep 2021





Every single resident, business and visitor of Birmingham is our customer. We know we have not always made you feel valued or the focus of our attention and have not organised our resources well enough to meet your needs.

We recognise that we need to make sure we embed this strategy in to ours and partners (that deliver services on our behalf) everyday working with you.  

This is why we are also encouraging our colleagues in the council to complete this survey to ensure we capture their views. 

We know things need to change, we want to create a shift in how we think about and interact with you, for you to be at the centre of everything we do.

The Customer Service Strategy sets out how we deliver a customer experience that exceeds your expectations!

Please tell us what you think of the strategy to help us identify where we can still improve!




  • All residents


  • Citizens Satisfaction