Peer Mentorship Programme Enrolment Form

Closed 15 Jun 2022

Opened 9 Jun 2022


Thank you for expressing an interest to volunteer for the Peer Mentorship Programme. This pilot project aims to empower young people (18-35-year-olds) to promote health and wellbeing across Birmingham city. As part of this project, you will be provided with a training session(s) on a health and wellbeing issue(s), and you will then deliver an event or workshop to your peer group. These events will be sponsored by Public Health, Birmingham City Council.

To enrol and shape the Peer Mentorship Programme, Birmingham City Council, Public Health team is inviting you to fill out this short survey.

We would like you to tell us some information about yourself to get a good understanding of the variety of people who are participating, to understand your choices for training sessions and event delivery. This may include personal and special category data. Your information will be kept confidential and no personally identifiable information will be published since the data will be presented in tables or graphs using summary results. Any quotes you provide will remain anonymous.


All personal information on this form will be kept safe and is protected by law. We can only process your personal data with your consent. By providing a response you consent to the use of any such personal and special category data in this manner. You also consent that information provided by you is correct by providing us the response.

For further information on your personal data, please refer to Birmingham City Council’s privacy policy on our website at:


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