Acocks Green Recreation Ground Improvements

Closed 21 Oct 2018

Opened 13 Aug 2018


Funding has been made available to make improvements to Acocks Green Recreation Ground. This will be the first Phase of the proposed improvements and future phases will be determined based on the consultation results and funding available. 

Plans for these proposed Phase 1 works have been drawn up, and also plans for any possible future funding. We would like your comments on the attached plans.

The proposed Phase 1 works include the replacement of steel fencing with lower estate rail at the front of the park near the road junction, and moving the vehicle access to the back of the park. As well as this the pedestrian entrance will be moved away from the bus stop, and marked out prominently with an entrance archway. This will help to improve accessibility and give the park a more striking aspect, reclaiming the park frontage for its users. Please see attached plans for more information.

Why We Are Consulting

These plans have been developed with community groups. We would like the views of the wider community and your opinions on the proposed works and possible future improvements.




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