Consultation on Proposal to Introduce Additional Licensing

Closed 13 Sep 2022

Opened 4 Jul 2022

Feedback updated 16 Feb 2024

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Results updated 18 Jan 2023

This proposal was submitted to Cabinet on the 17th January 2023 and approval to introduce the proposed scheme was given.  A city-wide additional licensing designation will be introduced on the 5th June 2023. 

Further details of the scheme can be found on the Council's website at

A copy of the designation notice is attached.



Birmingham City Council is keen to hear your views on the proposal to introduce additional licensing across all 69 wards of the city before any decisions are made.

If you are a tenant, resident, landlord, letting agent or a business, living or operating in the city you could be affected by the proposal.

If an additional licensing designation is approved, the landlord of every House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in the city would be required to obtain a licence from the Council.

The introduction of additional licensing can bring widespread benefits to the local community.  In particular, it will ensure that all HMOs within the city are managed to a satisfactory standard. Landlords will be made aware of their responsibilities, and tenants of their rights. The scheme will contribute to reducing anti-social behaviour and waste issues related to this type of housing, and raising housing conditions and management standards.

Following consultation, a full report on the findings and outcomes of the consultation will be presented to the Council’s Cabinet who will make a decision on whether to implement the scheme.

The additional licensing evidence report and summary report which can be downloaded from the links at the bottom of this page outline our proposals and approach. The consultation survey seeks your views about these proposals, our objectives, our proposed licence conditions, our proposed licensing fees, and the alternatives that you think we should consider.

The consultation on this proposal starts on Monday 4th July 2022 will run for 10 weeks, closing at 9am on Tuesday 13th September 2022.  

Written submissions and questionnaires by post (before 13th September 2022) to:

Simon Beasley,

City Operations Directorate,

Units 1-3 Ashted Lock Way


B7 4AZ

Please note the planned industrial action by Royal Mail on the 26th and 31st August 2022 and the 8th and 9th September 2022, and ensure any postal submission is sent in good time.

Written submissions by email (before 13th September 2022): 

For a physical copy of the survey or evidence report, please contact:

Why your views matter

Housing is a key priority for Birmingham residents and the City Council, and it plays a significant part in all our lives. The location, type, and quality of the homes and communities in which we live has a major impact on the rest of our lives including the employment we can access and how long we can expect to live. We therefore urge you to consider our proposals carefully.


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