Your Views on Proposals for the Environmental Health and Trading Standards Services


Birmingham City Council is facing a very large challenge with cuts in funding that are unprecedented. We are looking at how we can continue to provide essential services to residents whilst supporting greater fairness and future prosperity.

As part of a Service Review process, the Environmental Health and Trading Standards services in Birmingham are asking for your views on proposals that are intended to create savings for each service. Brief information on what each service delivers is provided at the end of this questionnaire.

Why We Are Consulting

This questionnaire is to address specific issues and your responses will help the decision making process in delivering the necessary budget savings.

What Happens Next

The feedback we receive will help the decision making process in delivering the necessary budget savings.

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Only 50 responses were received to this consultation so the results cannot be relied on to statistically represent the citizens and businesses of Birmingham.  These results were taken into account along with other consultation methods and are detailed in the "We asked, you said, we did" sectoin of this consultation.


We Asked
1. Would you favour a single multifunctional team (Environmental lHealth, Trading Standards, Car Parking and Planning)? 2. Do you think Trading Standards and Environmental Health should sell their services to partners and other local authorities to reduce costs? 3. Are you in favour of funding an additional Approved Financial Investigator to confiscate assets/money from criminals where these are obtained through the proceeds of their crimes?
You Said
1. Fewer than 50% supported this idea. 2. 62% supported this idea. 3. 72% supported this proposal.
We Did
1. This proposal has not been taken forward. 2. We are attempting to do this where the opportunity arises and the result would provide a cost saving to BCC. 3. We have appointed a second accredited financial investigator.


Jenny Millward (Head of Environmental Health North) 0121 303 6106

Key Dates

Status: Closed

Ran from 11 Oct 2013 to 30 Nov 2013
Results expected 6 December 2013

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