Publicising Fly-tipping and Environmental Crime Cases Policy

Closed 7 Sep 2021

Opened 11 Aug 2021

Results expected 10 Sep 2021

Feedback expected 17 Sep 2021


Birmingham City Council has set a priority of working with residents and
businesses to improve the cleanliness of the City, and uses approaches including enforcing the law to deter and tackle environmental offences like fly-tipping.  Taking enforcement action is intended to address offender behaviour, but also to deter others from committing environmental crime.

This proposed Policy is designed to assist with the identification of suspect offenders where investigatory lines of enquiry have been exhausted, through the publication of the details of incidents, cases and suspects, where it is legally appropriate.  The policy is intended to provide guidance for Enforcement Officers, businesses, consumers and the public.

The proposed Policy can be viewed at this PDF link

Why your views matter

Regulation and Enforcement undertakes enforcement on behalf of the public at large and not just in the interests of any particular individual or group.  However, when considering the public interest test, the consequences for those affected by the offence, and any views expressed by those affected will, where appropriate, be taken into account when making enforcement decisions.  We are asking users, businesses and interested parties if they would like to comment on the proposed Publicising Fly-tipping and Environmental Crime Cases policy.




  • All residents
  • Councillors/MPs/MEPs
  • Public Sector Bodies
  • Businesses
  • Community groups


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