Birmingham Mobility Action Plan Questionnaire for Members of the Public


Birmingham needs a better transport system. There are too many cars on our roads and every day we live with the congestion, safety, social and environmental problems this causes. Despite this, public transport, walking and cycling are not seen as a viable alternative. Birmingham's population is set to increase by as much as 150,000 people by 2031, which will further increase pressure on the transport system.

An improved transport system will:

  • help the economy grow by providing quicker and more reliable journeys, bringing businesses together and making them more efficient, improving access to employment, providing access to new markets, reducing the costs of doing business and attracting new businesses to Birmingham;
  • help residents and workers by offering real choice in how we travel, making it easier to move from place to place, improving road safety and the local environment and giving better access to jobs; and
  • help us all by reducing carbon emissions, climate change and congestion.


If you represent a business or organisation, please do not respond here, use the Questionnaire for Businesses and Organisations, linked at the bottom of this page.

Why We Are Consulting

We are having this conversation so that we can get general agreement on our vision for Birmingham's future transport system. By speaking with one voice we will be able to attract funding so that we can start work on our plans. We are also seeking some initial comments on the things that we could do to bring about change. Before you complete the survey, we would suggest that you read the BMAP document, available to download below or at:

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Key Dates

Consultation is Closed

Ran from 25 Nov 2013 to 24 Jan 2014

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