Bristol Road South Package Local Safety Scheme - Junction Improvements

Closed 13 Feb 2015

Opened 30 Jan 2015

Feedback updated 14 May 2015

We asked

For your views on the proposed measures for the Bristol Road South Local Safety Scheme - Junction Improvements.

You said

There was strong support for majority of the proposed measures. A number of requests for additional measures were requested. There was also some objections to some of the proposed measures.

We did

Following the feedback received during the consultation and any subsequent amendments will be undertaken to the scheme. Following this the consultation feedback and preferred scheme option will be presented within the Full Business Case to be considered by the Chief Officer for approval.


Birmingham City Council is considering highway improvements to address road safety concerns on Bristol Road South, Bell Hill and Shenley Lane.

We are seeking to implement improvements as detailed below and on drawing no’s: CA-02654-S1-010-011.

  1. Bell Hill / Whitehill Lane, Bell Hill / Nigel Avenue and Shenley Lane / Meadow Brook Road Junctions
  • Prohibition of right turn from Whitehill Lane to Shenley Lane.
  • Prohibition of the right turn from Bell Hill to Nigel Avenue.
  • Reduction of the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on Bell Hill and Shenley Lane from Sir Herbert Austin Way to approximately 190m north of Meadow Brook Road.
  • New 30mph speed limit roundels.
  • Installation of advance warning ‘Junction on bend Ahead’ signs.
  1. Bristol Road South / St Laurence Road Junction
  • Reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on this section of Bristol Road South.  
  • New 30mph speed limit roundels.
  • Relocate existing bus shelter approximately 40m away from the junction to improve visibility.
  • Relocate BT telephone kiosk and Royal Mail post box away from the junction to improve visibility.
  1. Bristol Road South / Whitehill Lane Junction
  • Closing of the central reserve gap on Bristol Road South / Whitehill Lane Junction.

The Council would like to hear your views on these preliminary proposals. Please provide your views by emailing or via the website Responses should be received no later than 13th February 2015.

Following consultation feedback, the scheme details could change which may affect you. It is not always viable to consult of any future changes arising from this consultation. However, any changes made to the proposals will be posted on the website If you would specifically like to be kept advised of any changes either by email or post, please let us know and provide your email or postal address.

To ensure that these measures are made known to all parties who may be interested in them, i.e. landlords, owners, freeholders etc., please bring the contents of this letter to the attention of any persons involved in your property.

If you would like to discuss these proposals further, please contact Amjid Bashir on: 0121 675 6833 or email me at:

The improvements are expected to be implemented summer 2015 subject to approvals being secured.



The data that you provide is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998, and will be used by Birmingham City Council for the purpose of the Bristol Road South Local Safety Scheme only.




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