Proposal for New Housing in Cadine Gardens

Closes 23 Sep 2019

Opened 9 Sep 2019


BMHT (Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust) who are part of Birmingham City Councils Planning and Development department are looking to build six new modular homes on land at the end of Cadine Gardens.  The land has six garages as well as the concrete base of former garages with overgrown land behind.  Please see the red line plan below:

Figure 1. Current Site Plan.


Why We Are Consulting

As part of the planning process we want your help to look at the plans and answer some questions relating to how this proposal affects you and whether you support these changes.

This draft layout includes

  • 6 two bedroom, two storey houses
  •  6 x parking spaces

All of the houses have private secure rear gardens and small front gardens as well as access to shared space to the front of the houses. Each house has one parking space.

Next to a small area of neighbouring rear garden boundaries there will be a landscaped buffer of shrubs and trees. In the rear north east of the site there will be a small area of informal landscaping with trees that will be fenced off with access for maintenance. In the south east of the site there is a small area of land with potential use for the community.

Figure 2: Proposed Site Plan.


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