Ladypool Road Experimental One-way Scheme

Closed 30 Jun 2019

Opened 17 Jun 2019


Ladypool Road is a thriving local centre and part of the world famous Balti Triangle, with lots of local shops, restaurants, takeaways and other facilities.

The road is quite narrow in some places and vehicles can often find it hard to pass each other. There is also limited space for parking and loading/unloading. Recent accident reports and speed surveys show there could be problems with safety along the road, especially at night.

To address these issues, we are making a section of Ladypool Road one-way, between the junction with Alder Road and the junction with Brighton Road/Taunton Road. Motorised vehicles will only be able to travel northbound (towards the city centre) on this section of the road. Cyclists will still be able to travel in both directions.

This change will be made using an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO), which can last for 18 months. During this time, we will monitor and assess the effect of the changes before deciding whether it should be made permanent. The findings will be used to inform future improvements to Ladypool Road Local Centre.

We plan to implement these one-way measures in summer 2019.

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It is important that everyone in the area knows what is happening and is able to comment on it. You can use the survey below to tell us what you think.

Once the one-way restriction is in place, there will also be other chances for you to give us your views:

  • When the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) comes into effect, you have 6 months to make any written comments or objections;
  • Before this change to a one-way road is made permanent, there will be a formal public consultation.


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