Quinton Road Parking

Closed 22 Feb 2019

Opened 5 Feb 2019


Reducing bus delays by changing on street parking

We are committed to improving the bus network in Birmingham, helping to make bus travel more attractive by reducing journey times, improving reliability and making bus travel safer. More people travelling by bus means less congestion and better air quality for everybody.

Quinton Road is part of an important and high frequency bus route to the QE Hospital, University of Birmingham and Birmingham city centre, carrying over 6,000 passengers each day.

Vehicles parked on Quinton Road, particularly between Mill Farm Road and Harborne Lane, mean that buses are often delayed during morning and afternoon rush hours.

Birmingham City Council and Transport for West Midlands have secured funding to improve bus journey times in the Selly Oak / Edgbaston area: this includes a scheme to change parking on Quinton Road between Mill Farm Road and Harborne Lane.

On the north side of Quinton Road (with odd numbered houses), we will create a new parking layby, with space for up to 19 cars.

This consultation is an opportunity for local residents to comment on this proposal and let us know if there is anything we’ve not considered.

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What happens next?

After the consultation closes, we will review all your comments and make any appropriate changes to the plans. We hope to build the parking layby in March and April this year.

Birmingham City Council will later (expected to be before Easter 2019) be contacting residents in a number of areas close to the QE hospital and University of Birmingham about proposals to better manage parking. These may include the introduction of residents’ parking schemes (where spaces can only be used by residents who have purchased a parking permit) or restrictions to prevent cars being parked there all day. The parking space created on Quinton Road will be part of these proposals, and residents will be asked how you think they should be managed and who should be allowed to park in them.

What Happens Next

When the consultation closes, we will review all your comments and make any appropriate changes to the plans before introducing the bus lane trial. When the trial is in operation, send comments to transport.projects@birmingham.gov.uk.




  • All residents
  • Motor Vehicle Drivers
  • Pedestrians


  • Transport (Including Walking)