Southside - Hurst Street Permanent Traffic Regulation Order

Closed 10 Feb 2017

Opened 11 Jan 2017

Feedback updated 25 Jul 2017

We asked

We asked for comments on the proposed highway changes around the Hurst Street / Ladywell Walk area of Birmingham which would prohibit through traffic between Ladywell Walk and Hurst Street.

You said

68% of respondents supported the scheme as a whole, with the majority of the comments relating to cycling facilities.

We did

Where safely possible, we have incorporated feedback into the design.  An example of this is the provision of a protected two way cycle lane on Hurst Street between Thorp Street and Smallbrook Queensway with a “cycle only” phase for cyclists existing Hurst Street towards Hill Street.  Works are due to commence in late August 2017 and be completed by early November 2017.


A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) was introduced in September 2015 that prohibited motorised vehicles from accessing Hurst Street between Thorp Street and Smallbrook Queensway.  The TTRO was introduced to reduce traffic flows around the Hill Street area, with the intention of moving towards a permanent restriction of motorised vehicles on Ladywell Walk, between Wrottesley Street and Thorp Street, to allow the creation a new public square in the near future.  The TTRO has enabled the effect of this closure to be assessed and feedback received from local businesses and road users has been used to develop the proposed permanent closure.

The proposals are shown on enclosed drawing CA-02865_S1_001.  The works will deliver the highway alterations to enable the public square works by permanently removing through traffic from Ladywell Walk and Hurst Street.  The proposals also ensure that the access needs of local businesses and other road users. The main elements of the scheme are:

  • Permanently restricting through traffic on Ladywell Walk, between Wrottesley Street and Thorp Street to create a pedestrian / cycle zone that will become the public square
  • Converting Dudley Street to two way traffic between Edgbaston Street and Ladywell Walk to provide access to Edgbaston Street Car Park and Edgbaston Street for loading purposes.
  • Reversing the one way flow on Thorp Street to form an access loop via Thorp Street / Hurst Street / Smallbrook Queensway and Bristol Street for taxi and loading purposes
  • Relocating six parking bays from Ladywell Walk to Dudley Street as well as the relocation of loading and taxi bays
  • Improving cycle and pedestrian accessibility by providing improved facilities and reducing motorised vehicles in the area

Subject to all necessary approvals, the highway works described above would be implemented in summer 2017 and to facilitate construction, the existing TTRO will remain until the permanent restrictions are in place.  The actual public realm improvements are currently planned to be delivered in spring 2018.  The details of the public realm improvements will be consulted on separately.

The Council would like to hear your views on these proposals.  If you wish to comment please e-mail or complete the online survey by no later than 10th February 2017.

Following consultation feedback, the scheme details could change which may affect you. It is not always viable to consult on any further changes arising from this consultation. However any changes made to the proposals will be posted on this website.




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