Winson Green Road/Heath Street landscape design

Closed 1 Aug 2022

Opened 11 Jul 2022

Feedback updated 23 Aug 2022

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The scheme aims to improve the A457 Dudley Road by reducing traffic congestion through junctions and improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. This is an area of the city where we expect a lot of changes to happen in the next few years and for travel patterns to change.

You said

Some valuable comments have been received from the local stakeholders and residents.

We did

These comments have been incorporated in revisions to the scheme; making further minor improvements to help to alleviate the problems raised.

Results updated 23 Aug 2022

The Heath Street, Winson Green Road & Icknield Port Road Landscape Proposal consultation report is attached.



As part of the Dudley Road Transport Improvements ( we are planning to make changes to existing areas of grass and trees, and add trees to some paved areas. We would like to know what you think about our proposals for this planting work.

The transport improvements mean that some trees and plants need to be removed on sections of Heath Street, Icknield Port Road and Winson Green Road to allow us to build the segregated cycle paths. We will keep as many of the existing trees as possible, but the tree root structures and soil depth mean that it is not possible to keep them all or to move and replant existing trees. We will be replacing the removed vegetation with a diverse mix of species to improve biodiversity in the area.

The landscape proposals are as follows:

  • A number of mixed tree species proposed around the junction of Icknield Port Road with Dudley Road (south west corner of the junction)
  • A number of mixed tree species proposed on the west side of Winson Green Road between Dudley Road and Cuthbert Road 
  • Street tree planting on the south east side of Winson Green Road in the section adjacent to Lidl 
  • Removal of a number of existing trees on the north east side of Heath Street between Dudley Road and Winson Green Road and the proposed replacement of these with a variety of mixed tree species including mature trees and saplings to fill gaps. An area of decorative shrubs is also proposed along this section of road

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