3Bs Neighbourhood Plan Statutory Consultation

Closed 12 Feb 2021

Opened 18 Dec 2020


On 18th December 2020, Birmingham City Council launched the statutory consultation for the Beeches, Barr and Booths (3Bs) Neighbourhood Plan.

The Beeches, Booths and Barr (3Bs) Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by the 3Bs Neighbourhood Forum. Both the 3Bs Neighbourhood Area and Forum were formally designated as a “Neighbourhood Forum” in January 2017 under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. Since then, the Neighbourhood Forum have prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan and undertaken public consultation on the draft plan. The Neighbourhood Forum have amended the plan to reflect representations received and formally submitted the Neighbourhood Plan to the Council.

The Plan aims to deliver the community vision of the Neighbourhood Forum which is set out below:

In 15 years’ time the 3Bs will be a garden suburb north of the city; a clean, attractive, green area. There will be easy access to a high-quality natural environment including extensive parks, waterways and open spaces. There will be a range of local shops, community and leisure facilities to support the well-being of local people. Streets and public spaces will be well managed and the area will provide people with;
• a safe, pleasant and accessible place to live; and
• opportunities to access employment, leisure, housing and vibrant local centres.

The 3Bs will be an aspirational, multi-cultural place where everyone is valued and can thrive’.

The Neighborhood Plan and supporting documents are available to download below.

An online survey has been set up for people and organisations to provide their comments on the Neighbourhood Plan - see link to the online survey below. 

Comments can also be provided by email: 


Or posted to the following addresses:

North West Planning and Development Team, PO Box 28, Birmingham, B1 1TU


Why we are consulting

The Council is legally required to publicise the Neighbourhood Plan for a minimum period of six weeks and invite comments on the plan from the public and stakeholders. The Council will then collate all consultation responses received and provide them to an independent examiner appointed to review the plan. The consultation responses received will form part of the materials the examiner reviews when making their assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan.


What happens next? 

The council will appoint an independent examiner to assess whether the plan meets the ‘basic conditions’ required by legislation and whether it should proceed to referendum. If the examiner recommends the plan can proceed to referendum, then the referendum would ask  those eligible to vote (those  who are residents within the 3Bs designated neighbourhood area and are eligible to vote in local elections), if they  want Birmingham City Council to use the 3Bs Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the designated neighbourhood area. Should a referendum result in a ‘Yes’ vote, then the 3Bs Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted by  the City Council.





  • All Areas


  • All residents


  • Parks & Green Spaces
  • Children’s Centres
  • Early Years
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Planning
  • Regeneration
  • Transport (Including Walking)
  • Housing
  • Homelessness
  • Business
  • Communications/Technology
  • Training
  • Employment
  • Health Services
  • Health Conditions
  • Health Information
  • parks