COVID-19 Champions Survey

Closed 15 Apr 2022

Opened 23 Mar 2022


Dear Covid Champion, 

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on each of us and our communities! We thank you for your time, contribution, and commitment to the COVID-19 Champions Programme.  

As we learn to live with COVID-19 we would like to understand what we can build on to continue to help and support each other and our communities.  

This survey aims to learn from the COVID-19 Champions Programme and then go further, beyond COVID-19, to inform broader health and wellbeing needs.  

Your opinions are valued and will help develop future Health Champion programmes in Birmingham.  

Please complete the survey below and provide as much information as you can in your answers. 

To appreciate you for your time and commitment, you will receive an incentive on completion of the survey – you will find out more at the end of the survey. The survey will remain open until 5pm on Friday 15th April 2022.

BCC will need to collect some information from you to process your incentive. This will include your name, email address and the first part of your postcode.


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