Bereavement Services Service User Questionnaire 2017 (Quarter 4)

Closed 31 Dec 2017

Opened 1 Oct 2017

Feedback Updated 19 Jul 2018

We Asked

We will do everything practicable to ensure that the service provided by Bereavement Services are satisfactory and meet our service user requirements. Please tell us your comments/suggestions relating to the service

You Said

1. Flowers for services any day apart from Friday are left in place longer

2. When we lost our baby at 22 weeks pregnant, the certificate of cremation referred to  non-viable foetal remains. Why could age section not read 22 weeks gestation?

3. The wooden temporary grave marker seems rather small for the price. I think it should be 50% larger.

We Did

1. All flowers are left for seven days prior to removal, regardless of upon which day the service occurred.

2. Cremation certificates now show the gestation age of a baby.

3. Larger grave markers are available.

Results Updated 19 Jun 2018

215 responses were obtained from the consultation.  There were a lot of positive comments in relation to the service and the overall level of satisfaction was 99% from those who responded to this question.  Any actions arising from this consultation have been put into an action tracker and will be progressed separately.



This is aimed at gathering service users views/comments relating to burial and cremation services provided by Birmingham City Council.  Collected information will help develop future service improvements within cemeteries and crematoria.  Results of the user satisfaction levels from 10 consultation exercises will contribute to the services performance indicators and will be widely published.


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