Community Governance Review

Closed 30 Mar 2015

Opened 25 Feb 2015

Feedback Updated 28 Jul 2015

We Asked

The consultation on Community Governance in Birmingham aimed to seek views on how residents, the Council and other local services could work better together at a local level and how local democratic governance arrangements could best support this. It sought views on how partnership working between service providers, residents and businesses across the city could be encouraged and organised and the best way that Council decision making could support this. In addition, it sought views on the community leadership role of councillors and their role in engaging communities to consider and act collectively to solve local problems. Finally, the consultation also sought initial views on the proposal for a Town Council in Sutton Coldfield.

You Said

The consultation findings were summarised in a report written by CSK Strategies, who were appointed independent advisers on the Community Governance Review Consultation. The Report is published on the City Council’s website

We Did

At the May Council AGM a number of constitutional amendments were made on the arrangements for community governance. A report to Cabinet in July sets out guidance on District and Ward Committee/Forums remit on Community Governance, Community Planning, Community Leadership and exercising the Neighbourhood Challenge Duty. A postal consultative ballot for all residents on the electoral register in Sutton Coldfield took place between 25 June 2015 and 16 July 2015. The results of the ballot are published on the Council’s website The all-party Community Governance Review Group has agreed to recommend the creation of a Sutton Coldfield Town Council to Full Council in September 2015. Subject to the Council’s decision, further work will be done by the Community Governance Review Group to take this forward.


This survey forms part of the consultation programme of Birmingham City Council’s Community Governance Review.  The Review is looking at ways we can improve the way the city is run with greater involvement of Birmingham residents.  We can only do this successfully if Birmingham residents comment on the proposals that are being put forward and suggest ideas themselves. This means that, instead of a one-off consultation, we want to have a conversation about change for the better that will continue through the months and years ahead.

This survey is part of the longer term conversation. It asks for your views on:

  • How residents, the Council and other local services can work together better at a local level (districts, wards and neighbourhoods) to deliver what is most important for local people. It also asks how local democratic governance arrangements can best support this process;
  • How partnership working between service providers, residents and businesses across the city can be encouraged and organised, and the best way that Council decision making can help this process;
  • The community leadership role of city councillors, that is, their role in engaging all in the communities they represent to consider and act collectively to solve local problems and improve the quality of their lives; and
  • The initial analysis of the proposal to create a Town Council for Sutton Coldfield as requested through a petition to the City Council from a number of Sutton Coldfield residents.

Background on the Review and details of the proposals being consulted on are available in three consultation papers which can be accessed by clicking on their titles below:

Paper 1: Introduction and Background

Paper 2: The Future of Community Governance in Birmingham

Paper 3: Sutton Coldfield Town Council: Initial Analysis

As well as responding to this survey, you can also submit your views by: 

  • emailing
  • posting your comments to: Community Governance Views, Room 217, 2nd Floor, Council House Extension, 6 Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BU
  • sending comments via the Twitter hashtag #brumcgr15 

In addition, four area briefings are being held.  Details about these and how you can book a place are available here.

An independent report on all responses will be prepared for the Council and will be available on this website. 

There will be further, detailed consultation in the summer on three more consultation documents:
  • The Sutton Coldfield proposals – final response – to be published in the summer (Paper 4)
  • A New Partnership between Civic and Civil – how neighbourhoods and communities can engage in our democracy and make their contribution – to be published in the summer (Paper 5)
  • The Future of Local Services in Birmingham – to be published in the summer (Paper 6)

There will also be specific consultation on the details of many of these changes at a later date. We are also inviting organisations such as universities, business groups, the media and community groups to hold their own public debates about these issues and to feed back to us on the points raised.




  • All residents


  • Democracy and Participation