Erdington Public Space Protection Order Consultation

Closed 19 Dec 2021

Opened 8 Nov 2021


We are interested in your views.

You may be aware that there has been work amongst partners through the North Local Partnership Delivery Group (LPDG) to address anti-social behaviour in and around Erdington High Street. This is causing significant concerns for local residents, local businesses as well as those visiting the High Street and surrounding area in this part of the Erdington Ward. As part of the partnership approach towards tackling the issues, it has been decided to apply for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for Erdington.


PSPO’s are part of ASB legislation which was introduced nationally in October 2014.  The Order provides the Police and Local Authority with additional powers across a defined geographical area to tackle a wide range of anti-social behaviour that is likely to have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those who live and work in the locality. 


In Erdington, this is being introduced to address anti-social behaviour by groups or individuals in public places, unlicensed street drinking and the associated nuisance that causes. There are also prohibitions to address graffiti and behaviour if someone is believed to be under the influence of intoxicating substances.


The proposed Order has been informed by evidence from local businesses and professionals, which demonstrates the scale of the issue for the local community and a desire for measures to be put in place to tackle the problems. It is the intention that the PSPO will be in place for a period of 3 years.


We are now at the consultation phase for this Order, which will conclude on Sunday 19th December 2021.  I have attached a copy of the prohibitions we are applying for, along with a map of the geographical area the Order will apply to,  both which provide further information.  


As part of this, are you able to provide me with your comments in support of or alternatively against this Public Space Protection Order?  These will be reviewed before the decision is taken whether to proceed with the Order.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Michelle Lowbridge , ASB Partnerships Manager , North , Birmingham City Council


Please see the draft PSPO Below

Erdington PSPO Order

Please see the Area Map Below

Erdington PSPO Area Map

What happens next

When the consultation is completed, all views expressed will be given consideration.





  • Anyone from any background


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