Handsworth Park Environmental and Recreational Improvements

Closed 12 Feb 2021

Opened 1 Feb 2021

Results updated 27 May 2021

We are writing to inform you that in line with users concerns we are now planning to do some restoration works in Handsworth park. The works will mainly be concerned with the upper pond, the water is very polluted and the vicinity is not looking as good as it might.

There have been various requests to clean out the upper pond and we have been talking to city engineers and to STW on the most cost effective method to achieve this. We are advised that the best way forward is to temporarily divert the existing flow away from the pond by opening the ‘gates’ which control the water level. This will gradually enable the static water to drain away and we can allow the residual silt to dry out over the coming weeks before removing it.

It is early yet to say exactly what we will be able to achieve with the funding available, this depends on what we find when the water level reduces and how much accumulated silt there is to remove.

One of the first operations will be the felling of self sown saplings which are shading the pond and dropping their leaves into the water. We also hope we will be to make the open grass banks safer for users by revising the slope levels and edges and to put in a fixed pontoon to enable staff to safely clean out floating debris. Once this is done we can look at new water side planting and enrichment of the marginal wetland habitats before refilling the water level. The sediment tanks will be cleaned out and if possible the aeration system will be overhauled to keep the water clean into the future.

See attached an early plan sketch of the upper pond which sets out some of the issues we are looking at and outlines of the works envisaged.  We have put up some temporary railings up to keep users ( and pets ) away from the silt and works area, it is likely to be very muddy and unstable, there are some information boards around the location to keep users informed.

 As well as this work we are planning to put in some new adult fitness equipment at two separate park locations and to plant some new trees to enrich the existing arboretum in line with users requests.

 The pond diversion works will go ahead later in May and the construction works are intended to start in July depending on how site conditions progress. The fitness equipment will be installed during August and the tree/water planting during the coming autumn and winter.



Funding from local development contributions (s106) is available to make improvements to Handsworth Park for the purposes of improving sport, play, recreation and public open space. 

Bob Churn, Head of Landscape and Development, gave a briefing on this opportunity at the second online Handsworth Ward meeting on 20th October, presenting 3 pieces of work in Handsworth Park which could be wholly or partly delivered by the funds.  A consultation, seeking views on the suggestions and alternative ideas within the limits of the spend criteria, was undertaken in the ward via the “Inside Handsworth” newsletter published on 22nd October 2020.

Following this, a further presentation was tabled at the online Handsworth Ward meetingon 26thJanuary 2021 outlining costs and offering two budgeted options for residents to choose from that could be implemented in the Spring, in anticipation of the possible easing of the current Covid19 restrictions .

We would like your comments on which option you would prefer.

Option 1 includes an Outdoor Gym Area near the Wellbeing Centre, and dredging, cleaning, and aeration of the upper pool.

Option 2 includes a simple static Mini Gym area near the Wellbeing Centre; dredging of the upper pool, tree and wildflower planting, and marginal planting.


Why your views matter

We would like the views of the wider community and your opinions on the proposed works and possible future improvements


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