Birmingham Healthy City Planning Toolkit Consultation

Closes 30 Jun 2021

Opened 30 Mar 2021


We want Birmingham to be a health-giving city, a city whose environment and surroundings offer opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of the population, and to avoid wherever possible creating developments that contribute to neutral or negative health impacts.

We have developed a draft Birmingham Healthy City Planning Toolkit that sets out a range of questions that will help developers consider the health impacts of new developments. We are asking the people of Birmingham, strategic partners, and key agencies to let us know if they support the toolkit approach, and to help us to understand whether it presents barriers or opportunities for creating a city that improves health and wellbeing.

The toolkit contains fourteen indicators covering specific areas for consideration, each indicator has three components: an overview of the area, issues for consideration, and potential health impacts.

We would like the toolkit to be a useful point of reference that planning applicants, for example developers and their agents, can use it to ensure that they understand the importance of health and wellbeing when they consider the applications that they are submitting. It could also be used by citizens to consider whether a planning application will improve the health of the local area and highlight how local planning applications could be improved to contribute to a healthier community. It is designed to be as a guide to help build in positive health impacts into the structure of our city.

The overarching principle of the toolkit, and the individual indicators set out within it, align with the Council vision of Birmingham as an aspirational city to grow up in, an entrepreneurial city to live, work and invest in, a fulfilling city to age well in and a great city to live in.

The toolkit can be viewed here.

Please note: Currently, the draft Healthy City Planning Toolkit does not have any planning status and the use or non-use of the toolkit will not be used to determine any planning application.

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