Public Questions for the Local COVID Outbreak Engagement Board

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Closes 30 Sep 2022

Your Line of Questioning

Procedure and Criteria for Questions at Board Meetings

Anyone wishing to put a line of questioning to the Board is asked to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Any member of the public who lives, works or studies in Birmingham can put a line of questioning to the Board. To evidence this, the questioner must provide either: the postcode of where you live, your employer's postcode or name, the name of your place of study
  1. The line of questioning must be put in writing to the Board and submitted using the online portal
  1. No person can submit more than one line of questioning at the same time
  1. The request must detail the line of questioning in full
  1. The question must relate to the remit of the board, i.e. outbreak response to COVID-19 in Birmingham
  1. The question or statement:
  • must relate to the Board's role and responsibilities
  • must not be defamatory, frivolous, vexatious or offensive
  • must not require the disclosure of confidential or exempt information
  • must not refer to any matter of a personal nature

Question responses

  1. Lines of questioning will not be responded to individually.  They will instead be grouped by theme and addressed at the Board meetings in relation to the agenda items and within the timescales allocated.
  1. Questions may be deferred to future meetings or sub forums if they fit more appropriately there.
  1. Responses to lines of questioning will be included in the minutes of the meeting, which can be accessed here.


1. As mentioned above, you can only submit a question to the Local COVID Outbreak Engagement Board if you live, work or study in Birmingham. From the drop down list below, please select one of the three options and in the box below that enter the first two or three digits of your postcode (e.g. B1 or B11). If you study in Birmingham, please give the name of the school, college, university, etc, where you study.

If you are able to select more than one option from the drop down menu (i.e. you live and work in Birmingham) we would prefer the postcode of where you live.

If you work in Birmingham and do not know the postcode of your employer, please give their name.

Postcode/place of study:

2. Please give your email address in case we need to contact you about your line of questioning:
3. Please give your question below: