Optional Minton Road Link to Woodgate Valley Country Park Walking and Cycling Route

Closed 17 Jan 2016

Opened 18 Dec 2015

Feedback updated 22 Apr 2016

We asked

If you support the path improvement proposals

You said

There is support for improved access from the Minton Road area to the paths accessing the Woodgate Valley Country Park. However, there were requests for a revised alignment away from private properties and which seek to improve access over the existing stepping stones.

We did

Birmingham City Council will investigate the bridge option and will carry out a further consultation in due course

Results updated 22 Apr 2016

There were 6 responses received where 4 of these were supportive and 2 of the responses were not supportive. There was also a formal petition received dated 2 January 2016 with 67 signatures for support of the path improvement or new bridge to improve the access in this area


Birmingham City Council is proposing to build a new path for pedestrians and cyclists from Minton Road to West Boulevard to avoid the stepping stones.

This new path proposal is part of the wider improvement works through Woodgate Valley Country Park and along the Bourn brook. You can also visit https://www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/place/woodgate-valley-country-park-walking-and-cycling-r to comment on these proposals.

These proposals form part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) project which is developing a network of routes through green open spaces and along canal towpaths. The project is also developing routes on main roads, quieter back street roads, 20mph speed limit areas and other supporting measures including cycle parking.

The project is jointly funded by Birmingham City Council and The Goverment's Cycle City Ambition Grant. As well as building routes like this, the project is working with schools, workplaces and at leisure centres to get more people cycling. There are many ways you can get involved! Check the website at http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/bcr




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