Proposed speed limit reduction to 30mph: Birmingham area-wide scheme

Closed 19 Nov 2023

Opened 5 Oct 2023

Feedback updated 13 Feb 2024

We asked

During October and November 2023, we asked for your views on the proposals to reduce the speed limit on Birmingham’s roads that have an existing speed limit of 40 miles per hour (mph) to a new lowered speed limit of 30 mph.
There were 25 roads across Birmingham that were proposed to have a reduced speed limit. 

You said

During the consultation a total of 1,674 responses were received:

Support 30 mph speed limit - 635 (37.93%)

Neutral (support & oppose) - 90 (5.38%)

Oppose 30 mph speed limit - 949 (56.69%)

Of the 1,674 responses to the consultation, 1,323 provided further comments. These comments were reviewed and categorised into the main concerns/interested area(s) of their response. Details of these can be found in the full document attached at the bottom of this page.

The results of the consultation were shared with the Cabinet Member for Transport together with a technical review assessment on all of the listed roads. Although noting that over 55% of the responses did not support the scheme, a significant percentage of those (approximately 25%) were not necessarily against the scheme proposals but were concerned with there being inadequate levels of enforcement, and as a result, the scheme would not deliver its objectives.

Following this review, the Cabinet Member for Transport has decided to proceed with the scheme proposals for all roads, taking this forward to formal consultation.

We did

The scheme is aligned to the core principles of the Birmingham Transport Plan -reducing the speed, volume and dominance of vehicular traffic.

A new Birmingham Road Harm Reduction Strategy is in development that aligns to these principles and will set out the Council’s commitment to a Vision Zero approach to road safety. This aims to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, whilst increasing safe, healthy and equitable mobility for all.

Following feedback from the consultation, some of the extents of existing 40 mph have been reviewed and will be amended accordingly. 

One road (Walmley Ash Lane / Cottage Lane, Sutton Coldfield) was removed as it did not meet the scheme’s criteria as its existing speed limit was not 40 mph.

Next Steps

The overall scheme requires approval through the Council’s governance process and a Full Business Case (FBC) report is being prepared to gain formal scheme approval.

There will be a formal consultation advertising the Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) currently planned for Spring 2024. This consultation is required to legally introduce the new speed limits.

We will advertise the scheme through local public notices and information boards to advise people of the proposed changes and where they can submit their comments.

We will also run a public awareness campaign when the speed limit changes are being made.

Further information
If you would like any further information, email the Transport Planning Team at


Birmingham City Council is to review all existing 40mph speed limits across the city, with the intention that almost all will be revoked, with these becoming 30mph. The scheme aims to reduce speeds, improve road safety, and encourage walking and cycling.

The need for the proposal has been driven by an increase in concerns about anti-social and dangerous driver behaviour, and due to the number of casualties amongst vulnerable road users. West Midlands Police, Transport for the West Midlands, the City Council, and the other Metropolitan Authorities are working together to take urgent and decisive action. This has included high-level discussions between the Leader of the City Council, the Assistant Chief Constable at West Midlands Police, and involvement of the Police Gold Command team.

It is not proposed to have physical speed reduction measures or new enforcement cameras as part of the current project, as these would require more time and funding to deliver.  Any existing speed enforcement cameras would be recalibrated to reflect the reduced speed limit. In future, it is expected that many of the routes will benefit from enhanced enforcement, which will ensure that driver compliance with any revised speed limits is high.

The delivery costs would be funded from the Clean Air Zone’s (CAZ) surplus income. This funding is ringfenced for use on transport schemes only and cannot be used for other purposes. 

The roads proposed for a reduction in speed limit from the existing 40 mph to 30 mph are listed in the table and plans below. Where roads share a boundary with Sandwell or other neighbouring authorities we are only proposing to reduce the speed limit on the sections of road within Birmingham.

An initial review has recommended that the Quinton Expressway and A38 (M) Aston Expressway are not included in the scheme as these two roads are designed as urban motorways and intended for large volumes of traffic for arterial routing, and a reduction in speed would be difficult to achieve.




EXTENTS (Approx.)


A34 Walsall Road

Perry Barr

Old Walsall Road to Old Park Walk (near Bartons Arms)


A4041 Queslett Road/ Queslett Road East

Perry Barr/Oscott/Sutton Vesey

Chester Road North to Hamble Road (approaching Scott Arms)


A452 Chester Road

Sutton Coldfield/Erdington/Pype Hayes/Castle Vale

Greenway Drive to city boundary


A5127 Lichfield Road

Sutton Mere Green

Bishops Way to Blake Street (city boundary)


Webster Way

Sutton Walmley & Minworth

Walmley Ash Road to Springfield Road


Ox Leys Road

Sutton Walmley & Minworth

Springfield Road to Fox Hollies Road


Walmley Ash Lane/ Cottage Lane

Sutton Walmley & Minworth

Walmley Ash Road to Lindridge Drive


A38/B4148 Tyburn Road

Gravelly Hill

Salford Circus to Chester Road


B4148 Eachelhurst Road

Sutton Walmley & Minworth/Pype Hayes

Chester Road to railway bridge


A38 Kingsbury Road

Erdington/Pype Hayes

Tyburn Road to Minworth Island (also short section of A4097 Kingsbury Road)


A4097 Kingsbury Road

Castle Vale/Pype Hayes/Sutton Coldfield

Wiggins Hill Road to city boundary


A452 Chester Road

Castle Vale/Pype Hayes/Sutton Vesey

From the new Aldi just before the Tyburn House pub down to Newport Road.


B4147 Newport Road

Castle Vale/Pype Hayes/Sutton Vesey

Chester Road to Coleshill Road


A47 Heartlands / Fort Parkway

Erdington/Castle Vale

Saltley Viaduct to Chester Road (Spitfire Island)


A47 Nechells Parkway


Ring Road to Goodrick Way


A4540 Ring Road

Multiple wards

Full length except where already 30mph


A45 Small Heath Highway

Bordesley Green/Small Heath

Just east of rail bridge to Heybarnes Circus


A45 Coventry Road

Tysley & Hay Mills/South Yardley

Heybarnes Circus to city boundary at Hatchford Brook


Monmouth Drive

Sutton Vesey

Somerville Road through to Chester Road


Weeford Road

Sutton Roughley

Tamworth Road to just before Camp Road


A441 Redditch Road

Kings Norton/Longbridge & West Heath

Burford Park Road to city boundary at Longbridge Lane


A38 Bristol Road South


Parkway to city boundary at Leach Green Lane


B4121 Wolverhampton Road South, West Boulevard, Barnes Hill, Shenley Lane

Allens Cross/Bartley Green/ Weoley & Selly Oak/Quinton/Harborne

Hagley Road West (including small extension onto Wolverhampton Road) to near Burdock Road


A456 Hagley Road West


Lordswood Road to Quinton Road


A41 Hockley Flyover

Newtown/Soho & Jewellery Quarter/Lozells

Key Hill to Soho Hill

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NOTE: Formal statutory consultation on the proposed speed limit reduction Traffic Regulation Order (the legal documentation required to make changes to the status of the roads) will take place on Be Heard in late 2023 or early 2024.




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