Bristol Road, Selly Oak enhancement scheme

Closed 8 Jul 2022

Opened 13 Jun 2022


The Bristol Road Enhancement Scheme aims to deliver a number of measures through the Bristol Road Selly Oak local centre including re-configuring the existing road from four to two lanes, formalising on-street parking bays and the inclusion of a two-way segregated cycleway (separated from pedestrians and general traffic) that connects the existing A38 blue route to the Chapel Lane junction which was recently upgraded as part of Selly Oak New Road (SONR) Phase 1B works.

In summer 2020, as part of the Emergency Active Travel Fund  (EATF) programme, measures including a 20mph speed limit through the Bristol Road local centre and a partial reduction of carriageway lanes from four to two to facilitate pop-up cycle measures were implemented with the aim of promoting recovery to local centres after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The final phase of SONR (Phase 1B) was completed in January 2021 and the city council is now in a position to deliver this Selly Oak local centre scheme.

The scheme proposals include:

  • Reconfiguration of the carriageway through the local centre from four lanes to two lanes
  • Replacement of the temporary EATF ‘pop-up’ cycle facility with a two-way segregated cycleway (3.0 metres in width along the majority of the route, with 2.25 metre sections where space is restricted) to create a cycle link between the existing A38 segregated cycle facility from the city centre to the recently upgraded ‘Selly Oak Triangle’
  • Three pinch points on the cycleway (between 1.3 metres and 1.8 metres in width) with ‘give-way’ markings to allow for the preservation of 3 mature trees
  • Installation of cycle segregation kerbs (either 0.5 metre or 0.25 metre wide) as a buffer between the cycle lane and general traffic lane
  • A raised crossing (raised section of road with a ramp to slow vehicles down) on North Road at its junction with Bristol Road with ‘Dutch style’ entrance kerbs to create a pedestrian and cycle priority crossing
  • Upgrading of the Dale Road/Tiverton Road and Selly Oak Station junctions with Toucan crossings to provide crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Installation of additional cycle parking stands throughout the local centre
  • Build-out of footway kerbs and bus stops to define on-street parking bays throughout the local centre
  • Removal of 9 parking bays (7 of these have already been removed as part of the pop-up cycle route temporary scheme) and a further two on North Road to accommodate the raised junction.
  • Improvements to journey time reliability through reconfiguring of traffic signal timings.

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  • Drop-in session

    From 23 Jun 2022 at 14:00 to 23 Jun 2022 at 19:00

    Come along to chat with members of the team, ask questions and give us your feedback. No need to book, just turn up at any time.
    Location: Sense TouchBase Pears, 750 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6NA
    This will be an indoor event, and we ask attendees to be considerate of others and consider wearing a mask if talking to staff for a long time.


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