Ladywood Traffic Regulation Order Proposals

Closed 2 Oct 2018

Opened 28 Aug 2018


Birmingham City Council plans to deliver parking controls in Ladywood to better manage parking within the area. This will involve the introduction of a number of Traffic Regulations Orders (TROs) details of which are as follows;

To introduce lengths of No Waiting restrictions, No Stopping restrictions, Resident Permit Parking bays, Business Permit Parking bays, Parking With Payment bays, Limited Waiting bays, Blue Badge Holder Parking bays, Car Club bays and Loading bays in the Ladywood area approximately bounded by Broad Street, Sheepcote Street, St Vincent Street (inclusive), Great Tindal Street (inclusive), Ledsam Street (inclusive) and Ladywood Middleway.

We are now seeking views on the proposed TROs.  The consultation period runs from Tuesday 28th August to Tuesday 2nd October 2018. 

Further details of the proposals; drawings, a statement of the Council’s reasons for the proposals and further relevant information, are attached below or may also be examined (by appointment) during normal working hours at:

• Highways, 1 Lancaster Circus Queensway, Birmingham B4 7DQ. (Contact Tanweer Araf Tel: 0121 675 4414, email:

Letters are being delivered to households & businesses in the area informing them of this information and process.

When leaving your comments, please indicate/clarify the location(s) and proposed measure(s) you are commenting on.  The easiest way to do this is to include the road names and Drawing Number. 

Ladywood TRO Permit Boundary Plan

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St Marks TRO Permit Boundary Plan

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These documents and other supporting materials can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Any person wishing to object to the proposed Orders should write to the Traffic Manager at Highways, 1 Lancaster Circus Queensway, Birmingham B4 7DQ stating the grounds for objection by the 2nd October 2018.



The data that you provide is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998, and will be used by Birmingham City Council for Ladywood TRO proposals only.




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